Not strictly a learning question, but I know this group is always keen to innovate!

Individuals in my company do innovate, but we want to expand this and push innovation further. To this end, we have a number of actions/topics we need to work on and the one I've taken is in the title of this post. How DO we create a buzz and energy around innovation? How do we excite people (in a large company) about this? How do we motivate them to get the ideas flooding in?

Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated!

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Hi Chris

My advice is to take a two-fold approach - the first is to focus on what's different as a result of the innovation rather than on the innovation itself.

The second is all around the management of risk; whilst I'm not a great fan of "managing change" per se I am a huge fan of managing risk. Demonstrating that you've thought about what could wrong in rolling out the innovation. and have contingency plans in place, overcomes everyone's fear of the unknown.

Sure they'll have the "what's in it for me" reaction to innovation, and that's fundamentally addressed by the first point (this is why you'll be able to do differently) but they'll also have concerns(which point two addresses).

Hope that helps

PS I felt I ought to add an explanation of my comment on managing change - frankly I find that, too often, it simply addresses the issue of how do we take the laggards with us; and that path leads to mediocrity rather tan aspiration!

Alan, thank you for sharing this.  A great reply, love it...


This may be a little left-field, but the concept behind this system Kainexus looks fascinating for a large organisation - watch the video demo on the Kainexus site. I guess innovation can be big steps or lots of little steps. This seems to get everyone involved. This comes from Lean thinking.

Hope it is of reference.

Thanks Toby, will take a look.



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