Creating a learning organisation through social media - some thoughts as to barriers and areas of interest

I have been thinking about and trying to synthesise the myriad of ideas I have been reading about recently relating to the use of social media in the creation of a learning organisation. The attached is a presentation of an exploratory mindmap through which I try to think of, and highlight the potential barriers or areas which need to be thought about when creating any strategy or policy relating to this area. I have found it useful to think about this from A) an organisational point of view and B) a personal (individual) point of view. I would love your thoughts and feedback. 


Creating a learning organisation - Things to think about

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Thanks for sharing, Looking at your mind map just brought home to me that I've been trying to tackle this problem as if both layers of hierarchy were transformational, and making very little headway as a result.  

I now realise that the key differentiators between leadership (transformational) and management (transactional) is the fact that the management layers often fail to understand the tr benefits to training and learning in general. They focus on day to day tasks, and therefore don't look for the same long term benefits that the leadership layers do.

I think many of the barriers you present are really everyday barriers, and not specific to social media. If you can make a case for learning within your organisation, then it'll be simpler to integrate social media as one of the mediums through which your staff access learning. 

Hi Andrew,

I completely agree. The title may be slightly misleading as the presentation was written to be delivered with a script focusing upon how social media maybe used to facilitate to lowering some of the barriers described. Without however you are completely right it does read more as barriers to creating a learning organisation regardless of the tools being used. Thanks for your feedback.

Novice question: where can I find the attachment!

Hi Dave, The link at the base of the description will take you to the online 'slides' if not they are available here -

Thanks for this, Dave. I do believe that in L&D we tend to forget that we deal with both personal and organisational issues. Either we ignore one or the other or we forget that there is a distinction.


The mind map looks good; I'm sure that as you dwell on it more, and receive more comments it will continue to grow - these things always do!



Hi Don, thanks for the feedback, I agree it works to remind ourselves to think of the effects of our implementations and actions on multiple levels. The mindmap and the ideas within are one of the areas I am going to be continually re-assessing and developing over at my new site - I hope to look further into the relationships between the personal and the organisational as well as other areas relating to networked knowledge, social learning and personal learning and would love for you and others to have a read maybe follow and offer feedback as my thoughts and ideas grow and evolve. 



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