A request has come up to create a short, snappy bit of communication. It's about raising awareness and clarifying a concept, rather than skills or learning as such. There's no intent to make it interactive, or longer than 3-4 minutes.


The kinds of 'role models' I have in mind are Common Craft (not strictly a animation, I know),  RSA Animate, or Shift Happens (the Xplane version)


Do any of you have experience of creating this kind of thing or working with companies who do it?  I think the main ingredients are more to do with graphic skill and great copywriting than software but it would be interesting to know what software is used. I've been asked to get a ballpark cost for external production but the likelihood is we'll need to do it inhouse, low-budget.

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A decent network?  That's us ruled out then! :-)

Hi Andy

I've got Camtasia for Mac and it's never occurred to me to use it for animation. I haven't been able to find any examples or guides with Google - could you direct me towards anything? 

Best wishes





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