My company has just branched out into creating a simple application for the iPad. I've been asked to create a simple video demoing this app. However, I'd like it to be reasonably "professional", therefore I'd like to do things like add a voiceover and highlight areas of the screen as they are described.


If the app was on the PC it would be no problem, as I have access to Camtasia and Captivate. However, I know nothing about iPads. I tried investigating solutions.


One possible solution would be to use an app I found called "Cydia" - which exports into .avi format. I can then import an .avi file into Camtasia. Has anyone tried this - or does anybody have any other idiotproof ways of achieving the same result?


Ideally, I'd be able to import into Captivate as I have more experience with it, but to be honest, I'll try anything (as long as it's cheap!)Thanks, Richie

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Hi Ritchie


This is not my area but I read this yesterday


It may have some relevance to what is possible on an iPad.



Cheers for the prompt response Richard. It's an interesting article, but it is really describing how to get video / elearning content from a PC and present it on the iPad - whereas I'm going the other way - capturing video from an iPad and turning it into a video on a PC.



I did see a product demo last week from EPIC called check it out,  Not sure it will help your issue though. 


There is one other product from SOTI that allows you to remote control your iPad from a PC, that way you could (and I am only saying could) then use captivate to record what you do on the iPad via the remote control feature in the SOTI product on your desktop.  have never tried it on OSI products but have used it for demos to large groups of people


That's great Denise. I'll definitely look into them. I'll let you know what we decide on in the end!



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