The 21 Lessons session on 9th June will explore how a group of trainers dedicated to delivering formal classroom sessions changed their delivery (and their attitudes) to be highly blended using a wide range of learning technology. But changing the trainers was not enough. We had to convince the organisational board to fund the changes and convince project managers, stakeholders and end users to "dare to do it differently".

How have you changed attitudes to different ways to learn in your organisation? What issues have you met/overcome? I can't be the only one who has met resistance and it would be useful to share tips from others who have had similar experiences. Do you have any?

Also, if you have questions about my "changing attitudes" experience that you would like me to answer as part of my session, please leave them here and I'll try and make sure I cover them.


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Thanks to everyone who responded so positively to this session yesterday. For those of you who filled in your Contributor Cards in the "Do you Dare to Share" section, your "shares" are great and I'll try and get them all posted up very soon. If anyone else has any they would like to add, please let me know. Many thanks!
Fantastic session yesterday Julie, I really enjoyed it and took away a lot of useful ideas.
Hi Julie, A big thank you for a great sesssion yesterday, I found it very inspiring and will be taking some of your lessons out to my communities. Some colleagues in the office were chatting just now about the old TVs with built in VCRs saying "who has those these days" (apart from the fact that I still have those in my children's bedrooms!), I showed them the timelines from your excercise from the blackboard to all the fab technologies we have at our fingertips today, they were impressed! Look forward to catching up again sometime soon. Karen
Hi Julie
Thanks for your session yesterday. I thought it was excellent and came away with lots of enthusiasm to try some of these ideas out for myself. One of the most useful and practical sessions I have attended.

Just wondering though whether you have any content or write-ups that you would be willing to share. I have my notes of course but they need a little padding! Thanks again.
Hi Tracey

I will be posting up some of the content in the next few days, what in particular would you like?
Basically, I was inspired by your session to try and put a similar program in place for my team. We have different challenges as we are a global, virtual team but we have been tasked with being more innovative and I think many of these lessons would have a place in our environment by giving people challenges to do rather than just talking round the theory.

As I said in my post, I made some notes about the lessons but I would be really interested in anything that you have that provides a little more detail around any of the lessons and any advice that you have about getting commitment from the team to find the time to do the challenges.

I feel a little cheeky for asking but in your own words…'you are what you share'..!
Not Cheeky - absolutely right! I'll try and pull a summary together in the next few days and post it up. Sorry I can't do it straight away, my day job has to come first! I have done similar programmes for global teams, so I can understand the additional challenges that creates for you.

As to the time to do the challenges, the team all have 2.5 hours a week to do "development". That works out as half an hour a day. They are not allowed to use more than 1 hour of that reserved time in any single day. To make sure that they use the time every week, I challenged them to report back on what they are doing (to the whole team) once a week in their Blog on our Freedom site (so closed to team members only). Why don't you try doing it yourself first? It's amazing what you can do in half an hour every day once you get into the rhythm of doing it. I've also used this as a way to explore with them each gently their time management and planning skills. If you give it a go, let me know how you get on! Does that motivate you?
Hi Julie, what a fab session, you have given me new ideas and inspired me!! Thank You :)
Adopt a mantra!

As a consultant helping companies adopt rapid e-learning strategies and tools, the issue that keeps rising to the surface here in the states is the constant state of flux around roles. Companies are downsizing at rapid rates, engaging in re-orgs and all the power struggles that surround them. Thus, the attitude I find I need to help my clients adopt is one of "being agile." Agile is a mindset, a way to think about how the work gets done. I like to remind my clients: "if what you're doing now is scraped in 6 months, that good; that means your growing and evolving." Staying nimble, staying agile: that's my mantra these days to help support and facilitate an attitudinal change with my clients. Cheers from the US!
Like others Julie, found your sessions really inspiring and feel more confident in applying some ideas (and changes). It was great to see the journey your team have undertaken.

Can you let me know what the u-tube video was called you showed, I thought it was called ' You are what you share' , but I can't find it.

Hi Mike

The YouTube short is called: We Think.

Best wishes,
Thanks Julie




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