The 21 Lessons session on 9th June will explore how a group of trainers dedicated to delivering formal classroom sessions changed their delivery (and their attitudes) to be highly blended using a wide range of learning technology. But changing the trainers was not enough. We had to convince the organisational board to fund the changes and convince project managers, stakeholders and end users to "dare to do it differently".

How have you changed attitudes to different ways to learn in your organisation? What issues have you met/overcome? I can't be the only one who has met resistance and it would be useful to share tips from others who have had similar experiences. Do you have any?

Also, if you have questions about my "changing attitudes" experience that you would like me to answer as part of my session, please leave them here and I'll try and make sure I cover them.


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I found your presentation last week really inspiring. I've now finished writing up a report on it and I've distributed around the educational development and elearning teams in the three Universities that I work with. Although I run an innovation award scheme for education and research technologies across these Universities, the degree of innovation your work shows really puts our meagre efforts in the shade. The core remit of our alliance is to support three virtual institutes in the health and social sciences field, undertaking research and providing courses, several to work-based students in the NHS. Hence, I see some strong parallels with the environment in which you work. For example, we provide an MSc in Leadership and Management in Health as a blended learning course for relevant NHS staff. The challenge we've recognised from your example is to apply more of your lessons to such courses. I didn't fill out a contributor card but undoubtedly there are things we could and should share.
Hi Julie,

Somewhat belatedly I'm adding to this forum - but I also thought your session was great and really appreciated the efforts you went to in putting all the materials together. Really excellent! Thank you.
Thanks Alison

I've yet to post up the "contributions" that everyone made on the day. I hope to do this later this week, so watch this space!



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