Hey everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help - and apologies if this isn't sitting in the right area!

I'm looking for a course on data-protection for some new members of my company. Can anyone recommend a good course? Also, should I look for some sort of recognised accreditation with the course? 

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Jacqueline, I can help with this. if you email me on adam.kara@accreditedskills.com I'll set you up with a free demo. We have a cyber security courses as well. 

Hope to speak soon,


Hi Jacqueline, 

I have a DPA course I developed for a charity. It has some scenarios in it that may need adapting for your organisation. Send me your email address and i'll send you a link. 




Hi Jacqueline, 

How are you? I know you have been looking for Data Protection back in April, are you still looking? Would love to be able to show you some of Eukleia's e-learning courses. We work with the top private and public entities in the UK and some global customers. Please check out our website here www.eukleia.com. Would it be possible to arrange a time to call suitable to you? 

Many thanks look forward to speaking with you. 


Lubna Sliti 

0203 376 2993 

Hi Jacqueline,

Happy to chat with you if it's not too late: david.sharp@internationalworkplace.com. We have a course you might find suitable here: https://www.internationalworkplace.com/course/data-protection-in-th...

In short, you don't need external accreditation for a course like this - the law (in the UK) is very specific and so you'll find that courses are closely aligned to the data protection principles and practices set out there. In our experience, the biggest questions are around depth of content and relevance to roles (which will depend on the work your new people will be doing). I would suggest that is the key question when it comes to differentiating between course providers.

As I say, happy to help. And good luck!



Great thanks David - I'll look in to this :-) It's all new to me!



We don't have a course on Data Protection, but we do have a short video. This can be used with other courses, as an introduction, a refresher or with your own localised material. If you'd like to see it, it's on our showreel page: http://whatyouneedtoknow.co.uk/showreel/ and on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/vHvd6HaPq_s

Or Act Now does quite a bit of work in the area http://www.actnow.org.uk/ They should be able to let you know about accreditation.


That's great thanks Andy - I'll take a look! :-)




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