December 19th: Implementing tablets for learning, Amit Garg

The tablet market is growing at an exponential rate. Tablets are no longer limited to entertainment purposes, but now are a part of organisational L&D activities across businesses large and small. However there is still a degree of hesitation to make the switch to tablet learning, perhaps brought on by typical myths associated with Mobile Learning. Further, the designing complexity of tablets brought about by their sizes and operating systems, elevates the degree of hesitation. A thorough understanding of tablets as media consumption and learning devices, the importance of getting eLearning on tablets and finally the right way to go about it are some of the important factors that can help organizations in adopting eLearning on tablets and benefiting from them.


  • How tablet use is exploding and why it matters.
  • Why eLearning on tablets is different.
  • Making best use of tablets for great eLearning
  • Tablet-based eLearning – tips for successful implementation
  • Design consideration

Click here for a recording of the webinar

See below for a PDF of the presentation and the raw text chat

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