Defining and implementing a learning technologies strategy

Hi all,

I am in the process of defining a learning technologies strategy for the business and would be very interested to hear from other members who have created something similar, especially those who are now in the implementation stage. I am looking to define a strategy that not only covers e-learning and blended learning but also what the future is for mobile and social learning. The strategy would also include the customer perspective, the external perspective and our in-house IT division perspective. If anyone has anything to share that may help my thinking I would be very happy to discuss.


Thanks in advance



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Hi Nick,

I think it's great that you're looking at this issue.  I'd hate to sound dismissive, however before you define any 'strategy' for the delivery of training, I need to ask if you totally understand and are aligned to the strategy of your organisation?  I notice that you work for Mars, so presumably your training strategy takes account of competition with Nestle, emerging and growing markets such as China and aslo the ability to handle and promote the multitude of brands and markets that Mars occupies?

If you have aligned your strategy to that of your organisation then perhaps if you're able to share some of the key issues you're trying to tackle and I can then give you a few useful pointers.

I appreciate you're dealing with corporate strategic issues here so please contact me personally and we can discuss away from the 'gaze' of this forum.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Jonathan,


Many thanks for your reply.


We have spent a lot of time recently revisiting the value proposition and strategic business alignment of our corporate university. Our learning technology strategy will be firmly aligned as an enabler of our corporate university vision.


I would be very happy to follow up directly for a more detailed discussion.


Best Regards



Hi Nick,

I am also currently working on this too though at the design stage like yourself. Certainly would love to hear what others have implemented and lessons learnt.

Hi Sinead,


Very happy to stay connected as we both work on defining the strategy.


Best Regards




It's an interesting play on words learning technologies strategy. Isn't the game about developing a coherent and comprehensive learning strategy which will include the use of technology?

I don't know if you have seen the Bersin's Enterprise Learning Framework which I find a useful visual prompt in helping me think about what I would call the learning ecosystem. Whilst quite old, it still provides some structure when considering a learning strategy, and I have uploaded for you.

You may also want to have a serch for two Bersin papers on High Impact Learning Culture and High Impact Learning Organisations (add pdf at the end and the documents will be accessible).

Both of these will give you food for thought in developing your learning strategy.


Hope this helps




Many thanks for your response and suggested links.


You are of course absolutely right that any learning technology strategy should be aligned as an enabler of the overall comprehnasive learning strategy. As part of this exercise however we need to consider the business perspective, IT division perspective and external perspective in determining priorities, low hanging fruit, end vision and any enabling projects.


So fully aligned, whilst outling plans, priorities and resources required to embed the enabling technologies.


I will certainly look at the supporting materials you have referenced for guidance.


Best Regards



Hi Nick,

I am involved in supplying courseware to the British Army using mobile technoligy (iPads mainly). This is something we have done a lot development work on with the use of the devices and there functionality.

I don't want this to seem like a sales pitch so I wont post anything further unless of interest? But we have really looked at what we can use them for and how they help students (Aircrew training course) and would be happy to show you online what we have achieved.

Be happy to answer any questions from this side of the fence.




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