Developing an e-learning strategy to replace classroom training

I edit a specification writing tool for building services engineers and have been tasked with writing a scope to deliver training to users of this software tool. Training is currently delivered in a classroom environment. I am looking at replacing this with e-learning that can be accessed via the web or CD.

I am a beginner to this and would value any assistance.

Many thanks in advance


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Hi Ann,

I'm a remote worker in the East Midlands too. Happy to get together over a coffee and chat about this if that would help?

When doing software training, I'm sure you're aware that you need to think about whether you are

1) training people to help them understand the benefits of using the tool
2) training them to know which buttons to press, when
3) training them so that they get the best out of it

A lot of (2) can be delivered using short screen-capture movies, preferably with an audio narration. Ideally these would be accessed from within the tool's interface itself

(3) tends to be best done through an ongoing user support programme of hints and tips, rather than a one-off training hit. Perhaps through a blog or emails, containing links to, or embedded annotated screen-capture movies

(1) is the hardest, but can often be done well through scenarios, perhaps with a "teaser" video to highlight the key features and benefits. It's part marketing and part training.

All the best,

Hi Ann,

Start with playing with some free tools like Jing. The audio quality isn't great, but it's good practice. I'm not sure how techie you are, so start with the easy stuff until you figure out your training mojo.

I also highly recommend Ruth Colvin Clark's work on eLearning design. It will be very relevant for you. Also, really pay attention to visual thinking & minimize text.

I would suggest checking our some videos at See what you like & what you don't like. Actually go through them!

For software, you need to learn a little something & practice. Write a 5 min show and tell of 7 +/- 2 steps each. Maybe stick to one learning objective per video. Then, write a follow up exercise learners can do on their own. You can also embed the video & exercise in a network like Ning to get feedback, answer questions, etc.

Offer a transcript for those who prefer or need text.
Please read the attached documents to help with how best to proceed
Hi Ann
My advice is the following:-
1. Think of Learning Technologies in the broadest sense rather than e-Learning in the narrow sense.
2. Think of this as an ongoing process of support and collaboration rather than a simple "getting you started
3. Use tools such as content management, collaboration, performance support, communities of practice etc
4. Create a pull environment in which people get just enough, just in time rather than a big-bang approach
5. Look to get content from the community - and not provide it all from internal sources

To my mind. Cisco is a role model for what can be achieved with this type of learning/ support structure.
Good luck.
Hi Ann,

I'm not 100% of your audinence i.e. Service Engineers and the relative industry. but would suggest a blended learning approach e.g. webinair broadcast, library of webinairs, e-Learning programmes and classroom. If your audience is very hands-on with their normal duties are you introducing emulation and simulation within your eLearningi.e. 'Show me' & ''Try me'. Remember - cd's when published are already out-of-date and the best method to maintain up-to-date information is via the web in XHTML format.





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