We 'implemented' an LCMS a few years ago - well, technically we bought it, loaded it to a server and then failed to really use it! - and now are looking at the options in the digital asset management space and would welcome some advice and experiences!

Not looking at another LCMS but really need to manage our content much better - both deployed through SuccessFactors and not. Truly global organisation with inxs of 150K employees if that helps re scale.


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Hi Neil,

We have used the eXact LCMS from eXact Learning Solutions for a number of years now and it has served us well. We work with large volumes of content so we need a proper enterprise system and this has done a good job for us. It is agnostic to development tools, which I think is a major strength. Also, I gather from LT17 that there is an upgraded product coming from them later this year, so you may want to have a chat with them.

From your post though, you don't really explain the reasons for the system not being used. Obviously I don't have huge insight in to you situation but are you sure that it is the software that is the problem? If there are other factors that have contributed to you not making the most of the software, such as lack of management buy-in etc, then merely replacing one tool with another won't make those issues go away.

Anyway, good luck with it.



Thanks for the reply. Funnily enough it was eXact that we had and the reason for the lack of use was the usual strategic confusion re a clear direction how to use it to best effect in a learning organisation that was split centrally and regionally.

I'll relook so thanks for the reply.




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