Do you know a good partner for behavioural change initiatives?


My company (global focus, manufacturing industry) is in the middle of a transition to a more open, customer-focused and business-oriented culture. We have launched a change program to create awareness for our new strategy, brand claim and values and are now looking to take the next step focussing on high-impact behaviours. 

Does anybody have recommendations for a strong, global provider within the field of behavioural change? It would be great if you could share your experiences - good and bad - with me.  

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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My organisation is also going through major organisational and business environmental change. It is being driven through Leadership programs with an external leadership consultancy for senior programs, and internally for mid-level leadership development - where the real challenges really sit! 


I'd submit that behavioural change on the scale you mention may also need to be leadership driven, with a good consultancy advising at the front end - at least on strategy, accreditation and so on (not cheap actually!) - and it may take several years for the results to materialise (depending on how you measure these results).

Very good luck.


One of the consultancies that we have come across with an enviable reputation for making behavioural change stick is an organisation called TLC-The learning Curve (  The director there that I have worked with/have some knowledge of is Colin Newbold.  If you would like to contact him then his email is or his office number is +44 (0)845 313 3357? Best of luck. Phil.

A great consultancy that I've worked with before is Walking the Talk (  They specialise in culture change and have some very engaging interventions.  Do have a look.  Best wishes.  Stuart


This is something we do and more than happy to chat through it (Organisational Design and Development). Are you going to the Learning Skills Exhibition next week? If so, we are exhibiting on stand R19 (Explosive learning Solutions Ltd) - come over and talk to us. 

I very recently conducted the first phase of a Needs Analysis on a large organisation where the development strategy I will design will include a roadmap of interventions designed to change behaviour over time (directly affecting organisational culture). I find this element of my work the most rewarding and satisfying. Anyway, enough. Please chat if you want more info.

Kind Regards


Hi Simone

AndPartnership specialise in this area and have an impressive list of bluechip clients.  See  The person to speak to is Ronnie Harris.




Hello Simone,

You have probably found a couple of interesting providers to talk to concerning your culture change needs.. but, if you are still seeking a leadership development partner who understands the need for bespoke, business driven solutions, we could do that for you.

One of our partners is based in Geneva in fact, so not too far from you.. 

You can find out more about our recent work by assessing our case studies:



PS: I will be at the Learning and Skills events on wednesday the 3rd Feb, in case you'd like to meet. 

Hi Luca, 

I saw your message just now. I'm at the Learning and Skills. Would be great to meet for a coffee. If you see this message, my tel is +41 79 9112781.

Best wishes,


Hi Simone

Thanks for your msg. I've had to come to the office today to sort out a few urgent things as I am travelling next week. However I should be done by 4.30pm or so, so I could meet you anytime from 5pm at the entrance of the conference if that works for you?



My Mobile: +44 7950 570407 



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