Even in today's world of Twitter, Yammer and YouBookTubedIn, many of us are still making our journey of learning in this venerable system.  We keep hearing of others and I wonder whether anyone would be interested in creating a user group to share ideas, celebrate, commiserate and deal with our suppliers and hosting companies. It could be a forum here, perhaps?

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Hi, my organisation is its infancy in terms of social networking/platforms etc so I would certainly be interested in talking to others and sharing their experiences

Docent 6.5 predates social networking by a few years, Craig. It's a learning management system, pure and simple - for launching and tracking e-learning, catching test scores, managing ftf trainers, courses, venues, rooms and bookings. So it's purely about the 'formal learning' agenda.

Although it's so old, many organisations stick to it because it's reliable, and/or they've invested a lot in modifications. In my meetings through the L&S group I've found quite a few users, but none of them have chipped in here yet. Maybe they're happy!
We are still using Docent 6.5 and are continuing to develop it to be able to do more. I have been asking SumTotal for some time for the names of other users so that we could share best practice and tales of woe, so count me in to any user group you are planning.
Thanks Marc. Just the two of us so far I think as Craig may be interested but isn't a user.
Norman - you are not along, but definitely in a shrinking minority! When the Click/Docent merger happened and they announced the SumTotal roadmap, we predicted that many large enterprise customers would upgrade to Docent 6.5 and sit for a couple of years to see how things panned out.

This was born out in reality, but then a couple of years ago, with the writing firmly on the wall, our (Elearnity) perception showed this started to change, and they started getting off the 6.5 fence - some to the SumTotal platform, others to 3rd party systems. This seems to have accelerated but we still come across other 6.5 customers in our research network.

Thanks David. Well yes, but we've just committed to IE6 for four more years so you could say we're conservative! (You could say a few more things too).

With regard to LMS, the most important thing in Lloyds has been the integration of Lloyds and HBOS platforms for example getting everyone onto one LMS, so it wouldn't be time to start a whole new system. There is a stage after 'integration' called 'transformation' and when that comes we will be looking at what to use next.



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