Does anyone have a wording for an IT policy that embraces use of the public social networking applications?

Like many organisations, my client is currently considering how best to open the corporate firewall to accommodate the tsunami of social networking platforms - on the basis that they are here to stay, can't be stopped and therefore the company needs to embrace them and to provide guidance on their use and the boundaries it will tolerate.

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Hi Nic,

You could take a look at the British Army's guidelines:

And this explanation of the rationale behind it:


Hi Mark

Thanks for the pointer - the document is impressive and I like the idea of a user friendly rationale to launch it. Nic

Here's Reuters Social Media Guidelines - very simple and lite-touch -

Other SoMe policies here:

(The latter is part of my Guide to Social Media and Workplace Learning
Hi Jane - thanks as always! This is an awesome resource!! Nic
This one from Intel has some useful content too.
Hi Andy, Many thanks - some additional ideas to what I have already. Nic



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