Don’t get left behind – create a learning strategy that deals with digital disruption, Noorie Sazen, Saffron Interactive

The workplace is changing faster than ever. The digital revolution means the skills we need in our organisation are shifting rapidly, but organisations are struggling to keep up. It’s our responsibility to close that skills gap by supporting employees through continuous learning.


Thankfully, there’s a wealth of learning technologies to help us do so. Keeping up with the technology itself, though, is another story. AI, point-of-need assistants, chatbots, personalisation, data… how can we possibly harness them all to drive measurable return on investment?

That’s the question this session will answer. We will explore actionable ways to incorporate these tools into your learning strategy through:


  • Implementing a five-step framework to create a learning strategy that deals with digital disruption
  • Accelerating workplace performance with new technologies
  • Following our Digital Disruption Survival Kit, which will be circulated at the webinar

Click for the recording of this webinar

See below for a PDF of the presentation and the raw text chat (needs Chrome, or other non-IE browser).

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