Hi folks,


Our organisation is finally making a move from old Office 2002 to Office 2010.  We currently have a training solution in place to deal with the upgrade project itself (i.e. showing staff where to find there old menus and commands on Office 2010).


However we would like to take a step further and purchase complete training packages for Beginner, Intermediate and Expert level at Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  We prefer E-learning/system simulation methods over a classroom based solution, for obvious reasons.


So at the moment we are simply doing the research to finding the best supplier for this job.  Would very much appreciate to hear everyone's thoughts and recommendations about suppliers they've used in the past.







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Hi Susith

I have read your posting above with great interest. Here at Bite Size we offer an online solution to MS Office training in Bite Size chunks - each lesson is just a few monutes long.

Access is by way of subscrition to our service for your staff. We offer some excellent rates for those with more than 100 staff - only chraging for 25% of your workforce, but giving access to all staff.

In particular we have a library "What's New in MS Office 2010 from 2003" showing the key differences that staff will expect to see with an upgrade, supporting them throughout the process.

We also offer other libraries such as Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, Project, Visio and our courses start with Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced, Master and Expert. The beauty of Bite Size is that your staff can "cherry pick" any lessons from our libraries and fill their own skills gaps at the time of need, or spend more time following one of our suggested course outlines if they wish. Each subscriber logs into their own learning dashboard where they can see their lessons visited and their learning path. Full reporting is also provided each month so you are able to see who is utilising the facility, your top learners and also those who may need extra classroom tuition along with statistical information to support your ROI.

Please take a look at www.bitesizeltd.com to see what we have to offer and visit our sample lessons.

We are also happy to offer you a trial of our facility should you wish.

If you would like to chat further about how we can help, please call 0844 800 7880 / 07703 209292

Lucy McAlpine


Hi, Susith, hi, everyone

Lynda.com is a personal favourite when it comes to software training, as well as to creative inspiration and even leadership skills more recently. They have a 7-day free trial, so you could test-drive them. Users can access certificates of completion and premium subscribers can access the workbooks, too. Even if it's not for this particular task, you may find something of interest there.

Hope this helps,


Hi Susith, hi contributors


My company went through a similar experience last year, and I would echo Dragos' endorsement of Lynda.com as a great source. easy to follow instructionI guess it rather depends on how you intend to evaluate the success of the upgrade as to what is going to be the best way to deliver the material.


The Office microsite from the Microsoft website is also a great source of material, including guides on the changes, demos, shortcuts etc. Don't be fooled into thinking that because it's a free resouce it won't be as good, or thorough, as some of the paid options. The vast majority of our 1000 staff said that they found the guides invaluable in the transition - particlarly in the few weeks after the upgrade.


Hope this helps



Hi Susith, we can help you to ensure effective use of Office 2010 with our unique Performance Support content which supports the user at the "moment of apply" i.e. when they are using the Office software as part of their day to day work.   It gives them help in 2 clicks and 10 seconds.


Help is presented in context to their task via our Ready Technology feature which detects the application menu they are in.


It is also embedded into the Ribbon so they can search for themselves quickly and easily.


Users choose the level of support they wish to receive - Quick Steps, Details and an Exercise.  You can create a link to any other learning resources you have.  Users (or a Helpdesk) can use the “Send by Email” function, directing a colleague to the right support topic - a great feature also for promoting best practice and “tips of the day”.


This approach reinforces formal training, reduces time to proficiency and saves helpdesk costs. 


We have off the shelf content for all versions of the MS Applications and with our software authoring tool, its possible to edit and enhance the standard content and also create similar embedded and context sensitive support for any IT application or process to really drive adoption and on-going best practice usage.


We have some fantastic customer success stories from many global organisations around Office, CRM, ERP, Business Process Support.


We’d be delighted to show you the Office solution in a demo, in the meantime please follow this link http://www.ontuitive.com/solutions/demo-center


Kind regards


Stuart Summers



Tel 07502 244678



A couple of years ago myself & a colleague put together this short introduction to Office 10 for our learners on our college VLE. Some links are a little out of date but are a good starting point.


The best link I have found that helped learners/staff navigate the drop down / ribbon changes is found in section 5.

An interactive guide to find commands

  • Cant find commands from office 2003 /2007. These interactive guides show you where your favorite menu and toolbar commands are located in Office 2010.
    Just click the command or button that you want to find and the guide will show you its location in the 2010 version of the program.


We do use this link as part of training we offer to external companies, but these resources might be a stopgap for staff until you identify your preferred supplier.


Hope it helps,


Steve Wileman

Hi Susith!  Skillsoft, a training provider that your organization already uses for other training initiatives, has a MS Office 2010 learning portal that includes learning roadmaps, practice exercises, live mentoring advice, top online books on MS Office 2010.  View a tour of the solution here: Microsoft Office 2010    KnowledgeCenter.  Skillsoft also offers a desktop training video solution. Here is a brochure that provides more detail on the desktop training videos: http://www.skillsoft.com/assets/brochures/Skillsoft_IT_and_Desktop_.... To find out more, feel free to contact us at Skillsoft and we'll be happy to help.

Thank you all for your responses! I do like the LSG community - they never let you down.

Thanks to this forum discussion, I've now got a good number of suppliers to pick from. I'll come back and let you all know how the training implementation went.

Looks like you've gotten a lot of good suggestions already, but just in case there's room for one more -


we use Atomic Learning (www.atomiclearning.com) - lots of good video chunks available, plus pretty easy for an admin to recommend/assign tutorials, embed code/links to specific content, and learners can mark favorites, completed, etc.  We make it available to our students as a back up to instructor led training as well.



Hey Susith,

If you're still looking for eLearning courses for Microsoft Office 2010, I think we have just what you're looking for at The Learning Hub.

We have courses available for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels on all the major programs included in Office, at an affordable price!

If you would like any further information phone us on 0203 195 2655 or check out our website https://www.yourelearninghub.co.uk/consumer/  

Hope you find what you are looking for.

Kind Regards,




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