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Im wondering what others are using for online books & sharing the content across number of employees.

Ive researched a bit around the kindle app though it seems you can only share 1 book on up to 6 devices. Id like to able to create a common libary of books and share them across the company to view online on most devices, laptops, pda and smartphones too. Ideally a company with licensing per user and a selection of available books would be ideal. Would rather not go down the option of selected number of portable devices with the books on them only. Ive checked out pockebooks.co.uk though looking for other options? Anyone using something similar?

Look forward to hear from others.



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Hi Sinead


I've used Safari Books in a couple of organisations and have always found it to be a really useful tool.

Part of their recent enhancements added lots of mobile device functionality which may meet your requirements so it might be worth checking them out if you haven't already.




Best regards




Hi Sinead,


I guess one of the first questions is whether you want to build or buy this capability and secondly what sort of content you are looking for i.e. Technology, business, finance. 

From my perspective I would strongly recommend buying the service rather than trying to build it. 

Thomson Reuters has been using Books24x7 for over 7 years now and the service has gone from strength to strength.  The depth of coverage is impressive with collections covering Technology, Business, Finance and a few other collections which we don't subscribe to.

We run an annual survey of the users to justify the ongoing investment and the most recent ROI was over 635% if only based on active users that completed the survey.  It is a multiple of this when you factor it against the active users.

While I am generally unimpressed with elearning suppliers and we generally see lots of complaints from users about the quality of it, they truly love this service!

Very happy to talk about this in more detail if you want to reach out?


Kind regards,


Andy MacGovern

VP- Strategic Talent

Thomson Reuters

Thanks for all the replies, that really helps ive contacted the suppliers mentioned and awaiting quotes.


Thanks again,




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