I am interesting in doing a course on eLearning design and development.

I'll be storyboarding some Articulate2 courses soon and think it might be benefitial.

Does anyone has any recommendations of courses you've done?

Many thanks!


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Hi Yael,

Look for courses on Instructional Design, most are advertised as that rather than elearning design.

I found this FREE one on Alison.com, it covers ADDIE and some of the processes we covered at College. Also check out this course I found on Udemy.com.



Thank you very much Lee! I'll definitely check them out.

Hi Yael

I can highly recommend the CIPD course run by Clive Shepherd. It is a five day course and quite intensive with input from Graphic Designers, Audio and Video experts and is very practical. His accompanying text 'Digital Learning Content - a designer's guide' is a useful handbook.

Best wishes

Gill Steel

LawSkills Ltd www.lawskills.co.uk

Hi Gill,

Thank you for your reply. That's very good to hear about your experience as I was thinking about doing the CIPD one.

By any chance, did you also consider doing the one by the ILD (TAP). It also looks interesting but much more expensive than the CIPD one:




Hi Yael

No I not aware of that ILD one so sorry I cannot comment on it.

Best of luck,


Hi Yael

I don't have a course to recommend but a couple of books that I recently read as part of the CIPD L&D Certificate; 

CLARK, R, MAYER, R. (2011) e-Learning and the science of instruction: proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning. 3rd edition. San Francisco: CA: Pfeiffer 

and I also really liked the one mentioned by Gill below, here's the link.

SHEPHERD, C. (2012). Digital Learning Content, a designer’s guide. [Online]. Eastly: Onlignment. Available from: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=wb2JAwAAQBAJ&pg=PP1&lpg...

Kind regards 

Sarah Bennett

Thanks Sarah!

Hi Yael

I have some experience of watching Articulate 2 in use.

I  believe the keyis not the technology but the subtle skills of production preparation which you only get with some experience of making education materials. Getting your eye in with thinking like a producer might help more. The people I saw were taking a very long time to put a complete package together.

Best Mike Howarth

Thanks Mike, much appreciated.




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