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Just doing some reseach to see how others integrate e-learning into L&D business programs and if you use it with blended learning delivery.

Also if you have e-learning integrated into the L&D strategy or any learning policies etc? What is best practice for integrating elearning as key L&D delivery method.

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If I may be as bold as to venture some advice as to the scope ......

1. Think Learning Technologies rather than e-Learning; e-Learning is a learning technology, but there many more learning technologies than e-Learning.

2. Think of "Blended Learning" as a blend of formal and informal learning rather than as a means of providing pre- and post-course content.

3. Ensure your strategy includes integrating learning and work, and user generated content.

4. Equally, ensure it provides for a mix of "push" and "pull"; conventional L&D strategies that focus exclusively on push are past their sell-buy date.

5. Include governance models and stakeholder engagment in your approach. And, finally

6.Include Learning Analytics in your thinking.

Hope that helps to clarify rather than obfuscate!

Thanks Alan thats great & makes complete sense.



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