eLearning suppliers who can develop in Content Point/Atlantic Link authoring tool

Hi everyone


Does anyone know of any eLearning suppliers who are able to develop courses in Content Point?


We are looking to outsource a project due to capacity issues within our in-house eLearning design & development team, but need to be able to update it ourselves in house with the authoring tool that we use, as the subject matter is constantly changing.




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Try mind-click.

They've got a good pedigree with CP

Like Craig, I suggest you try Mind Click. Although I wasn't directly involved in the project, they created a course for our H&S department and feedback was that they were reasonably priced and good to work with.

Hi Charlotte

Capita L&D could probably assist you. We have been working with Content Point for about 6 years. Drop me a line if you'd like to discuss further.




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