I am working on  a new initiative to be launched in early 2012 -where we enable employees to post their own training tutorials on a hosted video site - to encourage collaborative peer to peer learning and where peers can watch/comment and vote on the videos posted- similar to the BT Dare to Share project/You Tube premis - and I wondered if anyone had any experiences that they could share with me? All feedback gratefully received. Thanks. Hilary


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Hi Hilary


I am really keen on the Dare to Share concept and we have moved forward with a number of ideas re sharing and discussion forums etc but due to practical and technical limitations haven’t fully opened up the ability for employees to upload their own.


I would be really interested to know how you are doing this and what you have learned!





Hi Iain


I've also been contacted by Kate who has initiatited somethign similar in her organisation perhaps we can have a three way discussion? Let me know if that would be of interest  and I can set up an audio conference call...




Hi Hilary

I am interested in a similiar initiative.  We have an internal "youtube", which anyone can upload videos to. I researched free/cheap screen capture tools and chose Jing which seemed to do the job well.  However, one of my business users has had problems getting Jing upgraded to Pro, so would love to hear which tool you are going to recommend.


Regards, Kate

Kate Hi

Perhaps we can catch up and talk about what you did and what I am hoping to do?

I am on: 02086000762 or 07717354648

It would be great to talk to someone who has done this as I am finding it hard to find people to talk to - other than BT - althoufgh I am sure lots of organisatiosn will have done something similar...


Hi Hilary,

We have a strong "collaborative learning" culture in our organization, and encourage people to create their own training material and share it with others. We have a paid account at screenr where people post the screencasts that they create. We then post these links on our social collaboration platform, which is based on Jive software. Do let me know if you need any tips around this.


Hi Kavita


Thanks for your response. Great to hear from you. It would be good to perhaps have a telephone call? I have some questions I would love to put to you if that would be possible - around your launch strategy and success stories...



Sure, Hilary. Can you give me ur Skype ID?

Hi Kavita

Sorry for the delay in replying - after a mad rush of appointments on Wednesday I have been unwell and forcibly removed from my laptop to rest! Perhaps we can catch up after Christmas now? I am sending you my email address - h.reen@arkadin.co.uk

If you can drop me your details we can arrange a date and time - we use our own video conferencing system in my organisation - so with your details I can set up a call.


Seasons greetings



Thanks for this info Kavita, I just had a play with screenr and it looks useful. The ability to integrate into a social collaboration app within a corporate firewall is also interesting. One risk I foresee is that allowing everyone to post their own screencasts is that they may "screen" third party content e.g clips of movies - they may have genuinely good intentions in doing so to demonstrate a point, but what are the implications for copyright infringments ? Is it simply a case of setting good guidelines for use and/or heavy monitoring? Or is there a way of getting around it?


Hi Philip.

Thanks for the thought - it will be interesting to see if Kavita has any experience of this. Certainly in my case all employee contributions will be something they have created themselves to showcase a skill/tip/technique they are seeking to share with their colleagues specific to our organisation, If they have come across a great video clip, tutorial on You Tube etc then they are welcome to share the link/comments etc via our social networking groups.. 



We haven't had to do any monitoring in our organisation, Philip. Setting guidelines and a list of do's and dont's should prove useful. 


Hi, great to track back this discussion. Are you still working in the L&D domain and what is the current status of employee led video training? I am lokking at a suggestion to have training sessions filmed and then distributed and planning how to succesfully set that up. The first order was : get a video camera to lend to instructors. Any input please?



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