Notes from Cafe session on the 9th June.

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Sorry for the delay in responding. I have just returned from an enjoyable holiday in Scotland.
From experience, I have found that a powerful way of focusing training is to ask exactly how its success is to be measured. This applies both to management and the trainees (though you may get different answers).
As performance improvement is not usually an individual issue, it is best to try to work with intact groups in some way. This may mean you take a back seat in coaching the manager how to manage the change. But before starting clearly identify what the barriers to change are so that these can be removed.
I know it is all "old stuff" but technology enables it to be approached in a different way.
A long time ago British Airways asked all its employees what they really enjoyed about their job and what stopped them doing more of it. The answers were examined and procedural changes made. The results were a better motivated workforce, more customer satisfaction / retention and a surge in profitability. A real L& D success story.



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