Hi all,

I'm doing some research into potential systems and/or apps for recording attendance at events and wondered if anyone had any recommendations or advice from personal experience.

I'm at very early stages so open to considering options like a physical card, QR codes or apps.  


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Hi James,

We launched Class Attendance Tracker (CAT) at Learning Technologies 2020.

Take a look at the Learning News announcement and February 2020 Inside Learning Technologies e-magazine: https://view.pagetiger.com/cztbovg/issue-18


Please feel free to sign-up to a free CAT trial from our website:


CAT is a simple paperless solution that uses QR codes and attendees’ mobile phones to record attendance at face-to-face events. By using the CAT solution, classroom and event organisers avoid inefficient and time-consuming processes using paper registers and roll calls. At the same time, they don’t need to invest in expensive infrastructure like card-reading technology.

Traditional QR code solutions are typically based around the event organiser scanning each attendee’s personal QR code, whereas the CAT solution flips this concept on its head – instead, the attendee scans a single event QR code to record their attendance.

Hope to hear from you!

Many thanks


Class Attendance Tracker (CAT) QR

Digitising Attendance




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