February 7th:What Learners Really Want,Laura Overton

We talk a good talk about the importance of learner centric solutions but what do we really know about the individuals that we want to support?
Whilst experienced baby boomers are walking out of the door with critical know how , millennial workers are joining with vastly different expectations about work. Technology is providing new ways of connecting with every individual at their point of need. All these factors influence our learning offering but are we basing our strategies on what we really know about our own staff or what we think we know?

This interactive session will help us challenge our assumptions and really get inside the heads of the individuals in our own organisations .We will be drawing on our direct research with literally thousands of organisations and individuals to take a closer look at:


  • 4 dangerous assumptions
  • Individual choice – who decides?
  • The 3 Rs of Motivation
  • Empowering individuals – the danger zones
  • Practical steps for finding out ‘What Learners want

Laura Overton’s ‘Mel Gibson’ Guide to what learners want!

Don’t be an ass

   Challenge your assumptions

Don’t rely on labels

   They mask the individual


   Ask the right questions of the right people


   With no preconceived plan

And finally …


Click for a recording of the webinar.

Cick for part two of the webinar recording

See below for a PDF of the presentation and the raw text chat.

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