I am seeking your comments on the conference. Feedback has been good, but I am always looking for ways to improve the event for next year. Please don't use this discussion for comments about the free June event. I'll open a separate discussion for that in a few weeks.

Please let me know what you thought was good, and where improvements could be made. Please do be as specific as you can - but not personal. Speakers have feelings too, and many are part of this group.

Many thanks


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Loads of points already made that I'd support;

* More opportunity for debate (we're passionate about what we do - let's show it)

* Love the idea of more information ahead of the event. Not sure I'd just share the presentations though, I'd love the time on the day to just be one part of a conversation, and not the main event

* A conference attendee only window at the exhibition sounds good, although not sure when it would best fit

* The live Twitter feed (or similar) is awesome. It could be used to shape and change the agenda as the event progresses - no fixed agenda! How cool would that be!?

I know one of the challenges of the event is catering to a wide range of needs, but could more emphaise be put on differentiating the content for each group? If I was new into the elearning field I would likely get a lot of benefit from case studies and practical 'how it was done' sessions. However, having been around for a while, what I really want is the opportunity to debate/challenge/collaborate/learn/share in a much less structured environment.

Like Donald's books idea, could we have a number of things going on throughout the event, that people could visit whenever they wanted? Practical clinic sessions, a blogging corner, an introduction to ID etc, etc... I see this as different from the exhibition, becau it needs to be vendor agnostic.
LT for always leaves me refreshed. I like the format and that speakers rarely, overtly market their products.

In common with some of the other comments I've seen, smaller forums (around 8-10) for discussion would be nice.

Don't think I would share presentations before the event (takes away some of the excitement!) but pre-presentation thought provoking discussion would be nice - the presenter could then be pre-warned about his audince's reaction.



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