Hi all


I am really trying to find a supplier who provides engaging e-learning for IT training, mainly Microsoft Packages. I have had a look at a few suppliers so far but the material does not really strike me as engaging.

Has anyone come across a good supplier?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions



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Hi Beatrice. have you tried the Microsoft Resource Centre website?
Have you seen ribbon hero http://www.officelabs.com/ribbonhero
It's a game based approach to learning Office 2007/2010
and it's free...
Hi Beatrice - we've used Jenison (based in Southampton) for several years now. They host and provide both off-the-shelf IT stuff, plus other generic softskills training , and we publish all our own internally produced bespoke elearning (systems and other) to their LMS (which is externally hosted) ie when our internal servers go down, our LMS doesn't!. it also means our staff can get at the elearning without having to be logged onto our own network, thus its really flexible for people to get it.
They are really great and the MS Office stuff seems to go down very well with our staff.
I've had good feedback from my clients on both Jenison and Happy Computers (End User only). If it's IT technicians then Element K is quite popular - it's a major US supplier. Best regards. Glynn
Hi Beatrice,

For MS Excel specific training please check us out: Excel with Business.

Excel with Business helps individuals and companies measure and develop effective business Excel skills online.

Bespoke online training. An initial 30-question 'diagnostic' automatically tailors training to the user's knowledge, ability and need. Users are able to manage their online training using a dedicated myEwB account. There are 32 course units spread across five key business-Excel areas: spreadsheet administration, orientation and efficiency, data handling, data analysis and presentation. Read more.

If any of that interests you, I'd be more than happy to get in touch. Just send me a message via LSG.

Very best - Vinit
Thanks for your suggestions -I am looking into the providers you mentioned below.
Have you looked at Microsoft's own eLearning content?


I'm not sure about pricing etc, we're fortunate to get access to these free as we're a HEI :-)
Beatrice Hi

Have you looked at Epic yet? Based in Brighton, all my experiences with them have been good ones and others in my professional network who have had elearning designed by them for their own organisations, say very good things about them and their products. I've attached the link to their website for you.


I have just had a trial from a company called Bite Size which has shown to be quite good. It allows the user to dip in and out of training at different levels and has actual videos of 'how to' which is more engaging than just script I feel.
Hope this helps.
Hi, How about BiteSize the on-line software learning company? Hilary Reen
Have you had a look at OnTrack TV? http://ontracktv.com/
If you have specific goals/templates ways of using the Microsoft packages, then providing a more customised e-learning experience would be more effective. If you'd like to see some examples of how this has worked for a wide range of software application environments, see our website and ask for a demo.

Engagement for software training is largely driven by context, relevance and intuitive tools that allow you practice in a safe, confidence-building manner. So definitely think carefully before plumping for large libraries of generic content that may prove both uninspiring, little used and deliver little real value to your organisation.




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