Hi all


I am really trying to find a supplier who provides engaging e-learning for IT training, mainly Microsoft Packages. I have had a look at a few suppliers so far but the material does not really strike me as engaging.

Has anyone come across a good supplier?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions



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Hi Beatrice

I'd agree with Lars that engagement, especially with learning how to use software, comes from context and relevance. Personally I have learnt how to use the many pieces of software that I've needed over the years by playing with the package but with a specific goal in mind. I've also, through my role, made a number of systems simulations using Adobe Captivate, to train out new systems and am not convinced this approach works that well. It could be my development skills of course!

Recently though I've been trying to get to grips with something called Drupal where I haven't had a clue how to use it and have ended up watching short videos online that train out certain aspects of this system. The videos, albeit mixed in quality, are quite an engaging way to learn.

You could maybe explore using videos yourself. All it would need is a free piece of software such as Jing to record short - Jing allows a maximum of 5 minutes recording, with voiceover and text - videos of specific tasks, for instance, how to create a table in Word, and you have a piece of training. If you carefully chunked the bits of Word you want your colleagues to know you could end up with a series of very short, specific and accessible training, for free.

The specificity is the key for me, if I want to know how to create a table, at work, at the point of need, i.e. my boss is breathing down my neck to get this done, I don't want to sit through a whole course just to get to the bit that will allow me to keep my job!!

If you want to know more about Jing, check out Mark Berthelemy who's on this site.

Hope that is of some help.

Thanks for the reference, Casson. Always happy to help!

Well, you'd got my thinking about an approach like this and Beatrice's post seemed to be an opportunity. What do you think about tackling it in this way?

I agree. It means your training is totally customised to your needs. But, if you're really looking for generic training on Word, Excel etc then it's probably best not to reinvent the wheel.




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