I have recently been enjoying a mentor through The Aspire Foundation's mentoring scheme for women managing in charities. With such a positive experience, I have been recommending it to any women who will listen to me and recommending it to all of our female managers.

I am trying to find a free mentoring scheme which will support our male colleagues who would like to get involved with a similar scheme.

Is anyone aware of any free services or schemes which I might be able to tap into for our staff?

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Hi Kyla, have you seen this scheme run by the Small Charities Coalition? It seems to be a reciprocal skills sharing and mentoring scheme specifically supporting small charities, and looks to be quite broad in types of support that it offers. Might be worth a look! :^) Best, Jonquil

Hi Jonquil

I have just realised that I didn't reply to your message. Thanks for this! I work for the Stroke Association so we wouldn't qualify for support through the Small Charities Coalition. Saying that though, perhaps this is an initiative that we could try to support to enable our staff to strengthen their own skills, and support smaller charities in the process!

Thanks Jonquil!


Ah yes! That sounds like a great idea! :^)



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