Mark - Was it in your presentation that the topic of free online learning was discussed? I seem to recall one speaker telling us that some universities offer their content free, but you pay for certification? Was that you, and if so, can you point me in the right direction to find out more please?

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Hi Chris,

Three great places for free online content:

Open University's OpenLearn
MIT Open CourseWare
Manager Tools

With universities, you'll have to pay for the tutoring and assessment/certification. With Manager Tools, you pay if you want to go to one of their (highly recommended) conferences.


Thanks Mark, I'll take a look.
Thanks for these - great resources.
Also worth checking out Itunes U - a number of organisations place their content in the PD via ITunes. (including the US Defence Acquisition University)
Good collection of free content at

They have a good list of University open content, you can link straight to it at
Open University's OpenLearn is very good for a wide range of subject areas. They also have a development site where you can customise existing materials as long as you allow other people to use the content afterwards.
Thanks to you all for your help. I've just written a piece for the company intranet, which I hope will be posted globally.



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