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We are an organisation that provides training (e-learning, events, publications etc) to members of the NHS in the subject of healthcare finance. 


There is the possibility that we are going to have an e-learning project coming up in the next couple of months that may require some extra resource for a month or so, and I am keen to find out what is ‘out there’ in terms of freelance instructional designers.


Is anyone in the group a freelance instructional designer, or can anyone recommend one?  Just to be clear – the project has not been given the go-ahead yet, and depending on when it falls in the calendar we may be able to cover this off ourselves -  I am just trying to plan ahead.


We use Seminar (www.seminar.co.uk) as our authoring tool of choice, and our offices are based in Bristol, however we would be OK with remote working.   


Many thanks in advance,


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