Hi there,

I have recently completed my CIPD in Training Practice and am searching for the next course/topic to study.

I really want to stay along the lines of Training and/or Learning & Development rather than taking a course more alined with HR and Personnel.

I have a couple of course I am looking into such as post-graduate CIPD in Learning & Development.

However I would really appreciate some ideas from others as to what is out there and what is worth while taking.

Many thanks

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Lindsey, Kathy Morris and I are running a session on personal development for the L&D professional at next week's LSG Conference. Here's the discussion forum: http://learningandskillsgroup.ning.com/forum/topics/what-next-for-t...

If you're looking for information on qualifications, TrainingZone has a good summary here: http://www.trainingzone.co.uk/item/188747

This is going to be a major topic for LSG members, so stick around. You can expect quite a lot of information in this area in the future.

After my CTP with the CIPD i went for the Professional Development Scheme (PDS) Electives which is another CIPD course but the 4 electives you can choose are L&D -Managing Organisational L & Knowledge - Managing the T&D Function and Management Development, Its very intence and each has its own exam, very informative and lots of thinking required
Thanks Karl, I was considering this however I am led to believe that some of the modules/units are quite 'HR' which isn't really where I want to head career wise. Did you take just some parts of the PDS?
There were 2 courses I took which have helped me enormously, PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education- Post Compulsary Education and Training). It was a long slog, 2 years 1 night a week, plus assignements, but the knowledge I gained have assisted me greatly.
I can also recommend an Accelerated Learning Course, this is a 2 day program, but gave loads of hints and tips on how to prepare highly interactive training- I learnt how to run a training program without using a single powerpoint slide and the delegates think its great!
Hi Lindsey - your choice of further quals will depend on your broader development objectives e.g. which are of expertise you want to focus or specialise in. Whilst you may want to demonstrate continuous learning can this be done in other ways and not just quals? Like yourself I started with CTP but have found a passion for learning technologies etc (hence joining this group). For me there is no substitute for hard nosed poractoical experience and evidence of capability to add to your CV rather than quals. For instance would a CIPD Certififate on Blended/Online Learning move at such a pace to keep up with the environment anyway? - I'm not so sure.
Another point (which may open up some debate) is - does the CIPD represent the interests of L&D professionals sufficiently? The BILD (British Institute of L&D) may offer you the more focussed support for learning professionals.
Thanks Jane and Ray for you comments.

Perhaps it is a little clouded as to what I really want to achieve. I really love creating and delivering/facilitating training, however my current role is not based on that and doesn't as such lend my opportunity for this. Because I am new to this career path I know the world is my oyster and where I see myself in 5-10 years time is not clear except that it will be something to do with training ideally I feel my heart lays with what I said above.

After completing the CTP, I really feel the hunger to learn more, but what is a mystery! I agree with what you say Ray in that the CIPD does not offer as much as I would have hoped for L&D/Training professionals esp in relation to the PDS qual which touches on a fair bit of HR.

Thanks for the top of BILD I had not heard of that and have now added to my internet favourites.
HI Lindsey

You could look into a certificate course in adult learning? Some universitities run these as courses for their own lecturers and them open them up to the public. You will get more of a focus on how adults learn and the psychology of learning on a course like this, as opposed to a course in "training".

Read widely. Join a university library as an external user. If you come across articles in people management, check out the references and read up on these too.

Decide upon a few areas that you'd like to get good at - whether it's management development or teaching a specific skill/course etc. Master it - read all you can, practice al you can and have an "area of solid ground" that you have developed your expertise on. Once you've done this one, you'll know how to do it again and again,.


Good point Monica - if you can create a USP and area of expertise this may help in the longer term e.g. Management Development coaching, using technology, psychometrics etc etc
Hi Lindsey -
I'm happy to tell you about our distance learning University degree programme called Work Based Learning at Middlesex University where you can get credit for your current knowledge and then apply it to a project in your organisation.
Have a look at our website www.mdx.ac.uk/wbl
If you have any questions please email me at pros@mdx.ac.uk and say WBL in the subject.
Dr. Anthony 'Skip' Basiel



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