I'm looking to incorporate a game into a compliance based elearning course.  Would be grateful for any recommendations for suppliers and good practice.

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Hi Peter,


I have seen some interesting gamification elements developed by SweetRush - www.sweetrush.com


Good luck!

Hi Peter,

There's a white paper out from Towards Maturity (free thanks to the support of it's Ambassadors) which looks at the whole subject of Experiential learning including ramification. http://towardsmaturity.org/article/2013/06/05/online-experiential-L...

In this years Benchmark research, The New Learning Agenda: Talent, Technology, Change, (again free) (http://www.towardsmaturity.org/article/2013/05/07/towards-maturity-...) only 16% of over 540 organisation respondents use highly interactive methods such as games and simulations in their learning solutions - so not much out there from a best practice perspective to draw from. What the Benchmark also says is that L&D is not always designing for engagement so understanding what the learners want and need to do their job better will deliver better results. (http://www.towardsmaturity.org/static/learner/)

Hope this helps you - sorry can't recommend suppliers but can help with the best practice bit!!


Hi Peter,

We have developed several game-based compliance courses. You can mail the details to me at pooja.nair@capgemini.com, and I will reply with some prototypes.

Pooja Nair



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