Hi all,

I've been researching a lot about gamification and game-based learning.
From your experience, what would you stay is the state of gamification for Learning & Development? Is it really gaining traction or is it still more of a buzzword?

Thanks for your input!

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I have seen few examples of gamification and unfortunately what I saw was just an attempt to make some content look like a game. In other words the graphic would at first made you believe you were about to do something fun and different, but after the second interaction you would quickly realise there was no proper thinking behind what was proposed as "gamification".  My personal view is that there is lots of pressure for elearning providers and L&D departments to offer solutions like gamification or games; but I am not sure there is an understanding yet of the skillset needed and the time required to design, build and test this type of solutions.


I couldn't agree more.  I've seen similar poor examples too, where things have been "bolted on" to courses without proper consideration to how best to deliver on the intended learning outcomes and how to effectively harness game elements in an online course.  I think learners see through this kind of thing very quickly and will switch off.  On the other hand, if time and attention is invested during the design phase, it can be extremely effective and I've seen some good examples too.  I think it's like anything really - rubbish in, rubbish out!

Hi Rita,

In my previous contribution I forgot to mention a nice game designed by SpongeUK.

It's called the "voting game", if you contact Jason Plunkett at Spongeuk, I am sure he will be happy to send you the link.




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