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I'm looking to create a new 'coffe break' area onto our Learning Intranet site, to both draw our people in, and to add some learning at the same time - I'm thinking work and non work related, things like Lateral Thinking puzzles, sudoku, jigsaws, quizzes, games etc. Has anyone had any experience with this type of thing, I could do with some software recommendations and any other feedback you might have on the subject?

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Thanks William - We've already built a system internally for exactly that which works really well, but I'll have a look anyway to see if it has any additional functionality we don't. We do have quite a few ways of using quizzes etc to assess business related learning, but in addition to this I want there to be part of our learning site where consultants can complete a couple of non-business related games or complete a puzzle or two, to give themselves a break from their role. Whilst I want it to provide a break from the stresses of thei jobs, I still want them to be mentally stretching, which is why I was particularly interested in lateral thinking exercises. I have managed to create 3 stretching games from code I found on another site, and I think I may add some lateral thinking puzzles they can think about (and click to find an answer) but if you know of any software that covers mental agility type games, I'd be v interested. Thanks again, Fi
The Ning social networking site has just released a range of Apps (widgets) that include a large number of "games" along the lines you seek.


In most cases, you can track down the source vendor and might be able to embed some of these into your own site.
Very interesting - thanks for this Tim, will take a closer look!
Hi. I always have a Coffee Lounge in any of my online courses and include puzzles and games - mixing numerical, logic puzzles with literacy, spelling type ones. Some people love them - some don't...
I particularly like the Stress Test - which is an image - if you see it as a moving image it means you're stressed! It acts as a super icebreaker - images from http://www.yamamotoclinic.org/stresstest.html

Other optical illusions are at http://www.echalk.co.uk/amusements/OpticalIllusions/illusions.aspx
Exactly the kind of thing I was looking for - thanks kindly!
I used to be addicted to jigzone.com. it can be embedded into some pages where you can edit HTML (not this page)

or used as a link like this:

My Puzzles Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery - JigZone.com

You can upload your own images so that they are still getting something from the content of the image. Genius!!

And there are different ways of embedding it (just in case I picked the wrong one!)
Another great one - thanks for this Gary - much appreciated!



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