Hi,does anyone have any recommendations for the following:

Looking for a relatively easy to use graphics package for the purpose of creating simple but bespoke images to include in our own online/e-learning packages created in Storyline. We currently rely on iStock and other sites for images that don't always fit the brief and can look amateurish. I need something that will lift the learning visually, without having to rely of external graphic designers - we produce a lot of pre-reading materials which don't always warrant the investment in top-end production.

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Hi Joel,

There are many options. Much depends on which Operating System you're using, and on your budget. Here are some ideas for free or low cost solutions.


Powerpoint - see: Tom Kuhlmann's posts on how to make this work really well: http://blogs.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/visual-graphic-design/ (I've assumed you'll have this already and therefore "free")

Paint.net - a good, free bitmap editor



Affinity Designer - a brilliant, inexpensive vector graphics editor (also available as a beta for Windows)


LibreOffice Draw - basic, but useful

Inkscape - vector graphics

Gimp- bitmap graphics

Useful resource: What is the difference between vector and bitmap images?

I hope that helps.


Thank you Mark, I will check those out.

Hi Joel! Have you tried Canva ? It is mostly completely free with some paid elements that all cost just $1 each and super-easy to use! There are loads of templates for blog posts, CVs, social platform posts, posters etc and virtually everything is customisable and fine for using commercially. I love it!

Thanks Jonquil  - I will check it out!

I use Paper53 on my iPad. Here is an example of what I have done recently

Krystyna - thanks, I like the look of that, I will look into.

You could try this free alternative to Photoshop. Don't be put off by the name.


I have two suggestions that may help.

For more unusual but on trend stock images try Death to the stock photo.

This american site is has some free photos but the low priced subscription is worth it as once you subscribe you get access to all of the archive and the monthly updates.  All photos are royalty free once you access them.

For creating something a bit different try canva for your image collages, infographics, facebook etc.

You can get a free account and only pay if you choose images / backgrounds etc that are paid for - to be honest, you can probably use the free account without needing to subscribe.  However the small monthly fee lets you set up a business account so colleagues can log in and work with you if you want.

Ok so I said two suggestions - here is a free third suggestion.

Raw Shorts lets you produce instructional / promotional videos.  You buy a pack of download tokens which will cost you between $12 - $20 depending on how many you buy but you can play with the online site for free without spending out - you only need to buy download tokens when you want to download and remove their branding.  I created a video for a private project, put it on facebook, paid for some advertising and my engagement was really successful.  It's style is very zeitgeist and seems to resonate with people.



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