Over the last six months we have seen a significant increase in the number of requests for one off classroom events and online conferences. We have tons of material for technical leads, facilitators, event managers but little if no guidance for the learner other than the standard tool Quick Reference Guides.

This is a big change for some in how learning takes place, especially for the older generation who are more used to face to face contact for work, learning and socialising. Before I reinvent the wheel ... has anyone produced guidance, best practice, support documentation etc specifically for the learner, particulary around the areas of:
- developing a mindset of continuous learning where virtual learning is the norm (being open-minded, change agile, learning/sharing/innovating)
- online etiquette - behaviours expected of a virtual learner, ( including what's appropriate in a virtual classroom/conference as opposed to in social media)
- the benefits of virtual learning (flexibility, optimize technology, green, reduced travel, reduced non-billable time)
- getting the most from virtual learning (developing existing or new skills - active listening and engagement, participation etc)


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Thanks for this.

Welcome sessions are a great way to get used to the technology. And as the Virtual Classroom becomes the norm in some territories we are starting to see facilitators using the virtual classroom successfully to do a Welcome session as part of the preparation for a face to face event!

We are moving forward with the Virtual Learner site and have created four pages of content to help learners get the most out of learning in this environment.



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