Hacking the learning platform evaluation process: smart strategies for a smooth selection, Randy Jones and Benn Cass

When looking for a new Learning Management System, it can be difficult to figure out where to start and what factors to consider in your process. There are a multitude of questions that must be asked, starting with the broader questions around: What functionality is critical to help my organization reach our L&D goals? Does the type of technology I use matter? How are my goals going to shift or change in the next few years? It’s also important to consider: What is the level of support I want from my LMS provider? And what are the vendor’s policies relating to upgrades, customizations, integrations, and training?

With a reported 800 Learning Management Systems available on the market, the process of evaluating LMSs and sorting through all the different hosting options and functionality available in the market can seem daunting. During this session you will learn how to simplify the process by understanding what questions you need to ask the companies you are evaluating.

Join eThink Education to learn how to determine what is truly important to your organization's L&D ecosystem. We'll explore: 

  • The LMS functionality you should consider (and not consider) when evaluating new solutions, including integrations, reporting, mobile capabilities, and accessible design 
  • Why the type of technology your LMS uses is important, including significant considerations regarding data ownership, security, LMS configuration, product updates and most importantly, support 
  • How and if the type of technology your LMS uses will support the functionality you will need to meet your LMS goals 
  • What is available in the ever-changing eLearning ecosystem and how to pick a LMS that will fit your current needs and adapt to your changing needs in the future. 
  • How to create an LMS RFP to ensure selection of the best possible vendor/platform

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Hi, when will the recording of this webinar be available please?



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