Has anyone seen a learning solution comprising entirely quiz questions?

People often say "We learn best when we make mistakes" and "We usually know more than we think". And good learning solutions recognise this through testing what has been learnt.

But has anyone seen or developed a learning solution that exclusively employs these mantras; that is entirely test and feedback-based? Not simply a quiz, but a journey that starts with a basic question, where feedback validates existing knowledge or fills a gap and where successive questions help build that knowledge and understanding, continually challenging the learner to apply their existing knowledge and what they have learned from the feedback.

I expect it's more of a content and creative challenge than a more knowledge presentation format.

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Yes, "Elephants Don't Forget" is a training/assurance tool that is predicated on smart assessment. If you can get round the daft title it looks like an excellent piece of kit. http://elephantsdontforget.com/

The kick back I receive in more regular learning approaches that feature lots of questions is that some people really don't like failing, even if that's what you want them to do.

I have developed 'Wildfire', which semantically creates online learning from ANY text file, automatically creating questions and links to external sources. Working product and if anyone wants a Skype demo, contact me on....  http://planblearning.com/contact/

Have a chat with Bernard George at Socrates training (info@socrates-training.co.uk). Socrates did an excellent course for solicitors on a Company Law Update which, from memory,  was based entirely on questions. It's a great example of using question-based design to pull in your audience and deliver key learning points. 

Hi Geoff - this one springs to mind:


If it looks like the kind of thing you're after let me know and I can connect you with someone who built the solution.


Rob K

Hi Geoff,

I would really like to help you here, but I think I am failing to fully understand. Let me expand...

I've never seen a learning solution that is entirely based on question, answer, feedback, and I would be very surprised to see one. What I think you are referring to is the mechanism called "scaffolding" which through a loop of question and formative feedback would facilitate the learner's ability to build up on knowledge and self reflect on his/her understanding. In other words, scaffolding, it's a mechanism that should  enable the learner to become more autonomous.  

"We learn best when we make mistakes?" ; I would say that making mistakes is part of learning. However, knowledge retention testing, has got nothing to do with learning.

 "We usually know more than we think"? ; Sometimes, we know much less than we think, and that is the purpose of an assessment. Why assessing is important? Because if you miss to address your audience needs, you will kill motivation and engagement.

Lastly, a knowledge presentation is just what it is, a presentation. And thanks for pointing that out, because in my view, this is the big weakness of many elearning courses. They are knowledge driven, content driven and the learning is NOT there, I am afraid.

I hope this helps,


If I'm understanding your question correctly, a couple of tools that may meet the need include Q MINDSHARE (www.count5.com) and Mindmarker (www.mindmarker.com), qstream (http://qstream.com/) ... they're 'spaced retrieval' mechanisms ... questions with feedback, spaced over time. I've used Q MINDSHARE extensively, and trialed Mindmarker & QStream.

Will Thalheimer puts these under the general idea of "subscription learning" http://www.subscriptionlearning.com/ ... there's a list of providers on that site, but not all of them are question-based.

Hope that helps.




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