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I am looking for user reviews but they are scarce, and I'm wondering if this is due to the pricing, or whether it's because they have a small user base.


We're trying to encourage the use of e-learning at our company, and are looking to produce customised systems and soft skill training.


SmartBuilder positions itself as an authoring tool and a LCMS, and sounds great on paper. However, I am concerned by the lack of "user" information out there.


If anyone has had any exposure to SmartBuilder, I would love to hear from you.


Many thanks,



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we are just about to begin using SmartBuilder on trial basis for a project in Irish Health Service, where I manage that organisations eLearning portal. the product seem promising, and the guys in the States really helpful. But we shall see. I'll post something here after we have tried it.

Best regards

Pat Kenny
Hi Pat,

Thank you for the response. I will be interested to hear of your findings during the trial. I will also be evaluating the software over the next month and will share my thoughts.



that'd be great. Would also love to ear what you are doing with the product.Our challenge is trying to develop a narrative for instruction/teaching a large body of information to healthcare workers in the shortest time and with the smallest footprint possible. There's more stuff to learn, but less time to do it in!


I have just become official reseller of SamrtBuilder in the UK.

It is our intention to set up a UK user group shortly.

There have been a couple of interesting independent reviews, one by Bill Brandon. W
Quite happy to post it here or email it if you wish to read it.

Having been an independent reseller of Authoring tools since the early 90's, I was quite taken with SmartBuilder hence we took it into our portfolio.


would be very good to see the review. Like you,I am quite impressed so far. Can you post it? If email works better for you great,

Hi, just to say that we are evaluating SmartBuilder right now with the 30 day trial for the authoring tool, and so far it looks and works really well. The tutorials are clear and have been built in SmartBuilder itself so worth a look.



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