We are currently reviewing our online Health and Safety courses and I would be interested to know what suppliers/courses other organisations are using and recommend. We need to cover basic induction (bit of everything) and a bit more detail on fire safety, driving, manual handling, workstation safety, risk assessment and stress management. The problem I am finding is that the standard induction 30 minute course is not enough, but the additional modules for specialists/managers on manual handling, fire safety etc are too much detail to make everyone do. We haven't got the time/resources to produce our own internally and would prefer to find a generic product that meets our needs quite closely at a reasonable cost.

I would appreciate any recommendations or information from user organisations rather than sales calls from suppliers at this stage!

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Finding good Health and Safety eLearning which meets the needs of your business can be difficult.  I have been in a similar position and we ended up finding resources in house to design content which met our specific needs.


I did do a good bit of research first to find off the shelf content.  The best provider I came across was EazySafe, which have a large catalogue of good interactive eLearning content on all aspects of Health & Safety.




Thanks Ian - that's helpful - will look them up.


Hi John,

(Cue shameless plug) We have extensive experience providing online health and safety training including manual handling training and programmes emphasising fire safety at work.

Take a look this video which includes an example of back safety training for Virgin Atlantic staff: http://www.brightwave.co.uk/video/health-and-safety-video

If you're interested in seeing more examples like this we can set you up with an online demo.



Hi John,

DeltaNet are worth evaluating also:


With DeltaNet (and I think EasySafe) you get the best of both worlds: generic content already created covering all the legal considerations and then the ability to edit the modules (in Deltanet's case there is no cost for basic editing) so that you customise to your organisation's needs.

Our organisation is just about to switch to them. One of the reason's we are switching is that the modules provided by our previous supplier were too detailed and lengthy and this negatively affected our compliance rate. The DeltaNet modules are about 20-30 mins (as opposed to previous ones which were 45-50 mins.

Hope this helps.


We use DeltaNet modules for staff training and find them perfectly adequate for the reasons above.  We like the fact that we can easily customise them for our needs  and add additional information specific to our organisation.

Hi John

Have a bit of experience in the field, would suggest www.safetymedia.co.uk I would also agree that easy safe are well worth a look!


At IOSH we offer a service to approve Health and Safety training to ensure it is of excellent quality and compliant with Health and Safety law etc. We also offer certificates to learners who pass an end of course assessment. Further more we sell the best known and most widely used Health and Safety courses called Managing Safely and Working Safely. Working Safely is a one day course often used in induction.

You could purchase the course from us and become a Training Provider to run them internally or you could contact one of our approved Training Providers to run the course for you.

Working Safely is regarded as the standard qualification at this level and we act in a similar way to an Awarding Organisation to ensure the robustness of the qualification.

Worth looking on our website or emailing me if you wish brian.hallam@iosh.co.uk

HI John - I would recommend Learning Nexus for online H&S content.

Kind regards

I would also recommend these guys.  It's really interactive and colourful and highly engaging.  There's also a special deal on their '6 pack', although they do have a portfolio of content




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