Help! I'm need an elearning course on spelling & grammar!

I'm looking to develop an elearning course on spelling and grammar but before I started I thought I should start by seeing if there are any decent ones out there that I could buy "of the shelf".


Does anyone know of any (or any companies I could contact)?


Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated!!


Thanks, Sally

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Hi Sally
I would recommend using the Plain Language Commission who are expert in this field.
The person you need to speak to is Martin Cutts on 01663 733 177.
Hope this helps
Frances Adamson, Learning and Development Manager, Information Commissioners Office
Hi Sally,

Over the years we have developed numerous resources for BBC Skillswise, including plenty on spelling and grammar.

Not sure if these are on too low a level for your needs though...

Kind regards,
Deborah, DESQ

Have you looked at Skillswise on the BBC?


Hi Sally,

Have you looked at It's a free online learning site that provides high quality, self-paced, interactive e-learning and has (amongst others) English Language modules.


Hi Sally,
THe BBC College of Journalism has developed some English grammar materials for journalists which might be more appropriate to your audience. Go to
Joan Keevill, Designs on Learning Ltd
I'm aware of an organisation: KinchRobinson who have an online package and also deliver face to face



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