How are you celebrating National Learning at Work Day?

Hi all,


Was just wondering how other organisations were going to celebrate National Learning at Work Day.

Here at Brightwave we have two events going on:

Paul Monaghan - The Co-operative's Head of Social Goals and Sustainability - will deliver a 30-minute live online interactive training session entitled 'Staying ahead of the ethical curve - lessons from The Co-operative', in conjunction with LiveTime Learning, Brightwave's interactive learning channel.

The seminar - primarily designed to meet the needs of business leaders / managers and the L&D community - will explore:

  • The Co-op's journey to becoming the UK's biggest and most socially responsible business
  • The key strategies that enable The Co-op to both prioritise and retain their innovative edge
  • The use of targeted campaigns to further corporate goals
  • Steps all businesses can take to embed sustainable values on a cultural and practical basis
  • The importance of thought leadership to instil these values
  • Tips for success

For more details and registration visit:


We are also holding a user-generated video competition. 'Winning ways in the workplace' gives all British Airways employees the opportunity to shoot a video (two minutes max) to demonstrate a technique, shortcut or attitude that helps them perform their role more effectively.


I'd be very interested to hear what others in L&D are doing to mark the event.




Peter Styles

Content Editor,


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Hi Peter


At the charity WRVS we are holding a learning at work day at our Cardiff Office on Friday. We will be using this to raise the profile of L&D and discuss people's learning needs at a 'learning stall' in our refreshment area.


We also want people to learn so are holding five training taster sessions, each lasting an hour, and we are setting up some 'learning laptops' to encourage people to use our online Moodle platform - learningWRVS.


First time we've done this so it will be interesting to see how it goes!


I would also be interested to hear what others are doing.




hi Richard,


sounds great - good luck with it.




The British Red Cross is doing a variety of things across the country - UK office are organising a Big Red Blind date so that staff across the organisation can have a short telephone conversation with someone else to learn a bit about what they do.  In my office we have our monthly learning bite scheduled for Thursday when we're offering staff the opportunity to learn some conversational Spanish in advance of the holiday season and in addition we are also running an online learning session for managers across Scotland around fixed term contracts.  Busy day!!

Hi Peter

Here at the OU we've got a range of workshops, seminars and online activities running tomorrow to promote Learning at Work Day.  The keynote session in our lecture theatre is from Ben Hunt-Davis MBE who's running his motivational performance based session 'Will it make the Boat go Faster?'.  We've got a range of short workshops on networking, planning your career, assessing your skills, using media, as well as some activities around book reviews, environmental matters, and building IT skills and practicing with social media and interactive learning games.  Our canteen is running a healthy eating themed bbq.  For those working in our region and nation offices we're webcasting some of the sessions and have also partnered up with iTunesU and our own VLE platform to showcase LaWD theme related podcasts and learning activities.


It's going to be a hectic day!



great stuff,


keep the events coming in. hope all the logistics are in place - don't be afraid of putting hyperlinks in to help promote them if necessary like I did.


all the best for tomorrow,




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