How do I get people excited about using social media as a learning platform?

Hello Everybody


We are experimenting here at work with using Yammer as a platform for learning and development.  While more and more people are "signing up" and communicating with each other it isn't really being used as a learning platform just yet. I know Deloitte Australia uses it for onboarding among other things


I know the possible applications....but how to get people excited enough to use it for the purpose for which it is intended?


Thanks in advance! 

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Hi Yasmin,

We ran a very successful experiment with Yammer last year. I wrote a number of posts on my blog that detailed some of the lessons learned.

We found that, once we hit about 500 users, it gained a critical mass and enough inter-connections to allow it to take off as a learning platform.


Hi Mark

Just had a brief look definately looks likes there are some insights there I could use!



Hi Yasmin


Have you joined Jane Hart's Social Learning Community ? It's hosted on yammer so as well as loads of relevant tips from the (400+) community you can learn from Jane's excellent community management techniques and use them to grow your own yammer.



Hi Sam


I havent but I will, thanks for this!

Nic Laycock wrote a blog post on the lessons learned from the getting that social learning network on Yammer up and going.



In my experience, whenever you create any form of online space there needs to be appropriate encouragement, management and activity.  All too often we join online groups and feel as though we're all standing in a room looking at people we don't know and wondering what to say.


Whilst this is a rather 'old' resource, I've found the book "Community Building on the Web: Secret Strategies for Successful Online Communities" by Amy Jo Kim to be an excellent reference point to make sure that I have all the ingredients in place for the online space to be a success.


Hope this is of help.



Thanks Jonathan, I will definately check this out
Hi Yasmin,

One effective way to get people excited is to pose some interesting question on yammer. This will encourage people to use the tool. Once you get a suitable number of responses, pose another interesting question. Ensure that the answers to these questions are some information that people should be aware of i.e information that is critical to them. Gradually, people will start looking at the tool as a learning platform rather than just a communication tool.

Hi Yasmin - I'd fully endorse Kavita's point; focus on the content and not the media!

Content doesn't need to be just questions; what you're looking for is content that will stimulate thinking (at all levels); and when people realise they can help to form corporate intelligence that's a great way for them to understand what social media to contribute.

The other point to consider is that, for any given domain, people know their roles - as domain champion, contributors, and users.

The key to the application being successful is that it should facilitate user-generated content!

Well explained, Alan.
Agreed. Thanks Alan!

Hi Kavita


Thanks for this, have started something along these lines I think i need to take a look at more of the stuff that lends itself to this.



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