How do you encourage your workforce to go onto the LMS and view content?

Hi, I'm looking for some advice.

We have recently moved our digital content onto a learning management system.

We know our content is good and is what our colleagues require, but how do we persuade more of them to take the time to go on and have a look?

Do any of you have any top tips to share on this topic?

Many thanks in advance


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Hi Lynn,

I know this isn't going to be what you want to hear, but your LMS is probably the last place you should have put your content...

Most (hopefully not yours) suffer from a poor user experience and minimal search capabilities. Thus making it very hard for people to get content when they need it.

So, to get round those difficulties, I'd suggest you could consider developing an ongoing communications plan, which aims to raise awareness, create a desire and show the solution.

How you go about that will depend very much on your target audience, and the communication methods and tools available to you. It's a matter of thinking like a marketer. (See:

Some key things to consider:

  • Who is the audience? What are their problems? Why might they want to use your content? Where will they be when they view it? How will they get to it? When will they be accessing it?
  • Design communications that will touch them emotionally - to make them want to find out more
  • Design a plan for the long term - little and often to keep your content at the top of their minds

I hope that helps.

All the best,


Some great food for thought there Mark.

We use Yammer in house - so I think we'll look at sending out regular comms on there to maintain interest.

maybe worth speaking to your LMS provider - many have CRM / Comms tools built in which can support a wider comms plan.

getting some noise on your companies social channels is also a good move

Hi Lynn,

Some great advice from Mark (as always!). I would add to this the use of LMS deeplinks to your LMS content to use in the communications you develop, be that email, SoMe or indeed, anywhere you can place them!

You may get some ideas from my blog on The Invisible LMS.

Good luck!


Hi Lynn

A technique I have used in the past is to make the learning part of an accreditation programme which is recognised by the awarding of tokens (to promote peer recognition) but also to tie it into the HR review process so ultimately they contribute to promotion and salary increase. This may take a while to set up as you will have to get the buy-in of HR and senior managers but the effort is worthwhile as you will have a well motivated and focused audience. Communication from above is so much more effective.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the reply John.

A bit of persuasion from above would come in handy. I'll look at how we can align our content more to our core competencies so that we can guide people to use our lessons to complete their objectives.

Hi Lynn

I would largely agree with Mark but also think about it from a wider information architecture perspective.  Are you providing content on topics that are also available on an Intranet, Yammer group or other location?  If so, the LMS is a harder sell and also opens up the possibility of confusion for people in knowing where to go.  If confusion is the case people either wont look for the correct answer/policy/information/etc or will go straight to Google instead.  The more the LMS is THE ONLY place to go for understanding a topic the better.

One approach to dealing with this would be to have a social 'layer', could be your Yammer, and link to elements where relevant.  The LMS can still do the tracking but it is less a destination and more a distribution and storage platform.

That said, if you are 100% confident what you have is what they "require" then you could be more 'stick' than 'carrot' and enforce use, making people review/complete things relevant to their role.

Another option would be to push/advertise any mobile access you have to your LMS - more likely that someone will go on and take a look if they can as and when they wish, ideally on their own device.

Hope that's some help!


Thanks Ian

We are using the LMS as the only port of call for the content, but we could certainly do more with our Yammer promotion.

I like the idea of pushing the mobile access - we have a lot of users with tablets, and as you say making it as easy as possible to access will work to encourage exploration.

Depending on your LMS and the one you use, couldn't you build a portal within the LMS. We use one that allows us to do just that. For our leaders we have leadership playlists. This allows us to put together all the 4 elements of our leadership programme and other materials all in the one place. The system also integrates with Yammer so we this to for group interactions. This allows for the introduction of social learning. You can link it to group feeds from yammer. As the pre-work and joining instructions for their courses are in this portal and it links to other products and services then they have to go into it to look into it. 

I agree with having a comms plan for learning and development. You could build portals around certain training that you are delivering like health and safety or other specifics. This does make people look at the course and has them coming back. 

Indeed - we have also chosen that route to provide different landing pages within the LMS for different audiences such as Customers, Partners and staff which enables the promotion of audience specific content on their welcome page. 
I have seen other organisations go even further and use the LMS as their Intranet - but it does require the ability to add custom pages and of course, the resources to keep that up to date. 

Hi Lynn

One of the methods we use is to create topic spotlights.  A nicely designed PDF, in our case, highlighting different types of learning available on a specific topic - coaching, project management, influencing, etc.  We have also just rolled out a career framework with core learning paths and professional qualifications that link to the relevant content.  Our India training team send round a MOOC email, advertising relevant courses.  I guess they won't appear on your LMS but the method might be the same.  The other obvious one, which you probably already do, is event based marketing - so a 'Difficult Conversations' learning link in the run up to performance management review times.  We also have some organisation-wide themes at certain times of the year - e.g. mental health, where we advertise our resilience training.  Getting a bit wordy now so let me try a list:

  • Topic spotlights - different learning options, different durations (e.g. 10m video, 20m elearning, 1/2 day course)
  • Core learning linked to specific roles, in our case contained in our career framework documents
  • Regular email adverts - could be good for new learning just added, top 5 rated learning this month, etc.
  • Event related learning - e.g. Performance Mgt
  • Wider theme related learning - e.g. mental health / resilience.  This can be linked to org-wide comms, external events or campaigns (e.g. mental health day), or linked to news events
  • Project based - e.g. role out of Office 2016

Probably loads more people can think of - happy to bounce some ideas round on a call if that would be useful

Good luck with it



I'd like to thank everyone for their great ideas on this topic.

There are quite a few on here that we will be following up - particularly like the idea of using a theme/topic a month to promote.

Thanks again




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