I am launching our first e-learning course in April. I think prior to starting the course the delegates should get a little intro to what elearning is all about, how to work with it and how to get the most from it etc. Does anyone have any content they have already put together along these lines?

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Hi Kevin

If you have a single e-learning course to begin with, then you are in a good position to focus not on e-learning in general, but on the benefits delegates can reap from that particular course, how to get the best out of it, and what they are expected to do. Your delegates' focus may well be on what they are learning, rather than on how they are learning it, and the fact that it's delivered by electronic means may not be so important.

What do you think?

Thanks Don - interesting thought. I had imagined people would need some guidance over and above 'click this button to move forward' etc. Perhaps I am reading too much into it. Should I give them just some basic guidelines such as......
- do this in 20 minute chunks
- do it where you feel comfortable and wont be disturbed
- come back to us with questions and comments
- you will get a survey sent to you afterwards - we need your feedback
etc etc
- anything more to add?
There is no doubt that the electronic medium will have an effect. Our traditional training requires a visit to our HQ and 2-3 days of hands on print machine familiarisation. And most of our delegates are hardened skeptics who will be looking sadly to find reasons why e-learning will fail!. I want to all I can to prepare the ground in order that this does not hapoen
thanks again
Hi Kevin

Your comment that "most of our delegates are hardened skeptics who will be looking sadly to find reasons why e-learning will fail" adds some important information.

My 2 cents worth:
1) Your suggested 'basic guidelines' approach will be invaluable. In addition ...
2) Start with a small group without a big band approach, and with carefully selected people least likely to be antagonistic
3) Learn from this pilot group what you need to change to make the elearning work better
4) Do another pilot with another group, or two, and build a support group of people who have gone through it and have positive things to say
5) Before all this ensure that you have the managers on board. There must be a reason why you're doing elearning (beyond cost savings). If the managers know that reason (delegates get up to speed faster, less time away from work, etc.) then they are more likely to help you succeed, and you probably will need their help to provide the following:
- a place to learn
- time to learn
- positive feedback on the fact that they are learning
Again, getting a manager or two on your side early on is an excellent idea. It will help you sell the idea to other managers.

In summary: make your mistakes where as few people can see them, learn from them, and celebrate your successes with as many influential friends as possible.

I hope that makes sense, please mail for any further thoughts!

Hi Kevin,

I concur with Don's comments - particularly point 5 - if you can get the managers on board they can connect you with other key groups, and may see a need or requirement for this type of learning in areas they have maybe never thought of before.

I am going through a similar process, and am ensuring that before we 'go live' with anything I have presented to all the relevant stakeholders / managers in the business, and through this have got them to identify for themselves the benefits to them of their staff undertaking an online learning programme. I have backed this up with a 'podcast' outlining the business benefits of the programme and a 'demo / fun' lesson to get them using 'online' content.

I too had what I thought would be a sceptical audience (used primarily to face to face training) but have been pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction from all involved. I would like to think that some of this is due to the fact that I've delivered this upfront introduction - which has given them an insight into what their staff should expect and what it will mean to them.

Good luck !!


Facinating Ian - would you mind if I took a look at the podcast and demo/fun lesson - this sounds like a good idea
many thanks
Thanks to Gerogina.
Ian - would you mind if I took a look at the podcast and demo/fun lesson - this sounds like a good idea
Good morning

Looking at this from another perspective - how will you measure their learning back in the workplace/their role - As Charles Jennings once said - The value of learning in an organisation is not just about cost savings but about building performance. To be successful, a learning programme has to be shown to have contributed to the overall business benefit - and this will involve using a mix of metrics, along with a 'warm, fuzzy feeling' that 'learning is good', that will impress the CEO."
Hi - Im new to elearning too and also my firm will be new to elearning. My strategy is to use a pilot group, give them some instruction in how to log on and what courses they need and off they go! I have also asked them to supply me with feedback afterwards. What I am struggling with is tracking. I am just using CBT Nuggets and have no way of tracking if they have watched the clip or not. What is your stategy to target this as, if they are as skeptical and resistant to change as my lot are, Im not sure whether they will watch this all or not!
I'd be sceptical about people being sceptical; in my experience it's a case of:-
* Do you want some training - no! But
* Do you want some skills - yes!
Focus on what they can do with their new skills; that way, if they have the skills it doesn't matter whether they've "watched the clip or not"!
Hi Natalia

I'm with Alan on this one. What is it that you actually want to track? Do you want to track whether they have watched a clip or whether they are doing their jobs well? If you know that Joe Bloggs has watched the clip, what does that actually tell you? It tells you nothing of whether he has really watched it, or whether he let it run while he made himself coffee. It tells you nothing of whether he has understood the message. It tells you nothing about whether he is going to change the way he works.

I'm sure people are getting tired of hearing me say this, but it always comes back to effective performance maangement. I would say that your strategy needs to include pre-briefing and debriefing at a supervisory level, rather than just the 'off they go' approach you mention. I would also recommend trying to find ways of involving the target audience in the whole process, so they don't feel done to. One suggestion may be a facilitated workshop along the lines of: this is where we are, this is where we need to be (and line this up with the organisation's vision and goals, rather than just addressing it from a training perspective), what do you think staff could be doing differently to get us there? How do we communicate this to the rest of the staff to get them to adopt these approaches?

People usually respond well to being asked rather than told.

We all hope that the launch of your 1st e-Learning course goes well.
There are a significant amount of variables to consider when hosting e-Learning programmes i.e. Accessibility, Audience, Demographics, PC Configuration, broadband speeds ... and the list goes on and on. I have found over the years that the best solution is to develop courseware for the working adult i.e. didactic, entertaining, informative and interactive. 20 minute byte size chunks are normally enough for the average person to digest in their normal work day. I would suggest assessing individual retention and xfer of Key Learning Points via end of module assessment (s). Make certain that the courseware offers immediate feedback: offering reinforcement of correct/incorrect responses.

A tutorial guide would be found at the front-end of the hosted programme; advising the end-user or student how to navigate through the curricula. If this is a single course, then a cognitive approach may be the best approach at this stage - Green Pastures.

Good Luck

Great stuff - thanks
Do you have by chnace a tutorial guide section I could get some ideas from as I am building this section right now
thanks a lot



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