I am interested in learning and hearing about creative ways to use metrics and measurement for L&D.  As part of our L&D platform we want to use metrics in order to report back to the business, align future L&D interventions with the needs of the business and so on.


Happy to hear any recommendations/best practicies.



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You want to use metrics.  What do your business stakeholders and customers want?  I raise this because although there is lots of talk about metrics etc, I have found that often I am more interested in such than are stakeholders and customers.  It's my job to ensure our learning metrics are in place and acted upon, and I'm expected to do this.  The kind of thing our stakeholders are interested to see is which training projects we are involved with and whether these are on track, or off track with regard to budget, schedule, resources etc.  In our organisation, we run a learning service.  What this means is that we set out to collate and act upon voice of customer, metrics that show improvements in areas of the service that stakeholders tell us are important to them, successes and instances where we ourselves have gone out to look and see at how our customers work.  We have representatives from our key stakeholder groups in monthly service review meetings to ensure engagement and transparency.  And all of this, including actions agreed and steps taken, is visible to anyone in the organisation at any time.

Ryan - if you've not seen it, take a look at this post from Towards Maturity: http://towardsmaturity.org/article/2014/03/06/building-case-spend-s...

Post training performance between threshold, target and stretch measures interpolated to determine the learners success, can indicate if the learning is achieving/stretching the operational goals. This model allows for all courses (and facilitators) to be levelled equally as the output can be reported as a percentage. There are some basics that you need to get right like making sure all course measures are equally stretching. The end result is a single page with all of your delivery represented showing the impact you have had.


I would say best practise is to ask your business client;

  • what they want to achieve?
  • how will they know they have got there?
  • When shall we meet to review if this has been achieved?

Attach any L&D interventions to this business goal


Some great comments here. I agree with 'ask the business'.

Don't measure for measurement's sake.



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