I am looking for any recent reports out in the industry that benchmarks /reports on different authoring tools and systems?

Hi everybody.

I need to find a recent and trustworthy report about different authoring tools in the industry.  Either free or for a cost? i would appreciate your help.

Armen J.

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Hi Armen.
I am just in the process of deciding on an authoring tool for my company. Mohive and Edvantage are both great but I am very excited about Luminosity for their ease of use, collaboration options, and their 3 x month rental licence model which is very flexible. Worth checking out: http://www.cm-luminosity.co.uk/Default.aspx

Hope that helps.

Hi Hilary, thanks for your respond.

did u read any reports before coming up with this 3 authoring tools? if yes please send me the link to the reports.

Hi. No sorry - just did research into tools with a SaasSelement for collaboration- which very quickly reduced the nubmer - reviewed each web page and came to these three.
Thank you very much for your help.
Hi Armen,

A good overview on authoring tools can be found here:

Hi Armen,

A good overview on authoring tools can be found here:
Thank you Craig, i appreciate your help, the link is very useful.

Cammy Bean did a fairly comprehensive landscape of authoring tools sometime back. This maybe a bit dated, but do take a look http://cammybean.kineo.com/2010/06/elearning-authoring-tools-mindma...



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