You're allowed 3 things you can change or influence. Mine are:

1: Detach Learning from HR
2: Put learning in the innovation space
3: Remove the LMS


UPDATE: I would like to point out, just in case it wasn't clear, that the views expressed in this post are my own, with my own reasoning and justification and in no way represent the views, intentions, justifications or opinions of the company I work for.

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Andy, you really nailed that question and summed up the challenges we face in L&D - thanks for taking the time to do it.
Okay. Same disclaimer as in Andy's original post that this is my opinion, and not my employer's.

I would definitely NOT separate L&D from HR, as long as HR continued to be positioned in the right way (classic Ulrich business partner, reaching deep into the business), but I would:
1. make sure L&D input was sought at a strategic level on every key decision, so we are asking the right questions around stakeholders, change and what learning needs to happen and how
2. dramatically simplify our intranet and replace a huge chunk of the learning content on it with a vibrant, dynamic wiki that everyone edits
3. Ensure that every manager had hard performance targets linked to the personal development of their staff (and work to ensure that they understood why - pull as well as push!)

Thanks Simon!
Good topic. Now what's left that hasn't already been said.

1. Establish a charter for learning that each business unit signs up to as part of business as usual operation
2. Learning should be personal to the individual but not all needs are personal - don't try and tailor everything but ensure you adopt flexible delivery approaches
3. Learn it; give it back or teach one; teach on - pass on your learning to colleagues and use all available networks (real and virtual)
Great advice here Katherine. I like the number 2 especially. It's so easy to forget. Thanks
1. Attach learning to Finance. Too many people ignore the cost implications of training then complain when they get the bill and cut the program short;
2. Give people the time to put learning into practice in a vocational environment;
3. Provide learners with structured routes for meeting the objectives of the program that reflect their preferred learning style. Progress of learners must be monitored continually with built-in support milestones and assessment stages.



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