If Training Within Industry (TWI) married Informal Learning (IL) would it be a happy marriage and what would the children turn out like?

I think Lean Manufacturing has most of the answers and TWI has contributed to the origins of Lean Training.  Informal Learning is easy to believe but hard to sell.  I believe.


Discussion: Could a hybrid of TWI/Lean and Informal Learning be the way forward?


More recent info on TWI:

A training program dating back to World War II is gaining renewed life these days among lean aficionados in the United States. Called Training Within Industry, the program was once widely deployed in the U.S., and is said to have influenced the development of the Toyota Production System. While some companies -- like Toyota -- never forgot about the program, it largely faded from practice among U.S. manufacturers.

Today, however, Training Within Industry, or TWI, is enjoying something of a resurgence in the U.S. among proponents of lean. Successfully implemented, TWI aims to deliver a better-skilled workforce, improved labor and management relations, productivity improvements and a focus on continuous improvement.


This is what wikipedia has to say about IL: LINK 


This is what wikipedia has to say about TWI: LINK

Also take a look at the attached pdf from 1944.


So lets talk...


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Having implemented ISO9001, a Total Quality Management programme in an e-learning company, I see lots of parallels here:

1. Continious improvement - a key premise in TQM but all to absent in training, with its fixed dite of fixed length, one-off courses.

2. Cognitive overload - most courses are too long as they have grown by accretion - strip them down to the bare minimum

3. Cut out time travelling to courses - do them online

4. Develop lean processes for delivering learning - forget big lumbering LMS structures

5. H-learning - make learning regular and Habitual, not 'course' driven

6. Assign a quality manager to learning - someone who stops crap and long-winded courses from being run and reduces the rest to a manageable size (cognitively)

7. See 'less' training as a competitive advantage



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