Hi All

We're trying to improve our induction experience for new internal joiners (ie people who have been with the business for a while but have transferred to a new unit). We've put in place a new website to simplify things and produced a short elearning package.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience of something that's worked really well or that's a bit different?

Thanks in anticipation


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Hi Dawn,


You raise a really good issue here. 


With previous clients I've set up a "buddy and discover" systems whereby someone in sales (lets say) not only buddies with an existing (and excellent) sales person but also has to experience a series of focused situations e.g. writing a proposal, pitching to a client, contract negotiation and so on.  This way the 'new' person is credited with their knowledge of the organisation but has to immediately immerse themselves into their 'new world.'


The precise discovery process will clearly depend on the role the individual occupies but it's a great (and dare I say cheap - or should that be cost effective) way of the 'newbie' getting to grips with their new world.


This works on all levels; executive assistants attend Board meetings, sales people visit clients and the backroom team solve real world problems.


The scope of the discovery is set by the business unit itself, for they know what's needed.  You just need to facilitate the process.


It's quick (timely), cheap (cost effective) and has impact (results).


Hope this helps, but do come back to me if you have further questions.


All the best.



Thanks Jonathan - excellent suggestion!





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